Sitemap - 2022 - Making Product Sense

🐀 Product Nuggets #12 β€” *perfect* SMS editing, *new* wallet preview, and *enhanced* Figma /chat commands

2023 Product Trends

🐀 Product Nuggets #11 β€” AI bedtime stories, real "fake" Morgan Freeman, & product psychology

6 Practical Ways to Find Out if Your Customers are Willing to Pay

🐀 Product Nuggets #10 β€” Disrupting Google, product wireframing, and making $1M/day

3 Best Practices to Maximize Revenue and Survive the Recession

🐀 Product Nuggets #9 β€” GPT-4, AI avatars, product tips, and the perfect logo

Pitch | The Next Frontier of Online Content (2/2)

🐀 Product Nuggets #8 β€” "Thought-to-Image," Things UI, and text-based video (Descript)

"Building Product at Pitch" with Adam Renklint, CTO of Pitch (1/2)

🐀 Product Nuggets #7 β€” Dynamic SMS and 8 ways to make money from Twitter

How to Prioritize Which Platform to Build For Next

🐀 Product Nuggets #6 β€” Substack Chat, searchable meetings and time machines

Substack | The Big Bet to Dominate Publishing

🐀 Product Nuggets #5 β€” AI Cliffs Notes, Gas App's 1M DAU and Microsoft's dev empire

When will A.I. replace human writers?

🐀 Product Nuggets #4 β€” Mobile programming, Meta Quest Pro, and the end of the smart phone

Meta | One of the Greatest Pivots of All Time

🐀 Product Nuggets #3 β€” AI-generated Joe Rogan episode and Meta's life-like avatars

Whoop | How to Avoid Copying Your Competitors

🐀 Product Nuggets #2 β€” Note taking tools, AI-powered interior design and new browsers

How to Build Complex Products While Avoiding Confusion

🐀 Product Nuggets #1 β€” back by popular demand

All user input is error... ish.

🐀 Product Nuggets #0 β€” trying something new

Figma | How To Become a $20B Threat

Apple's Masterclass in Embracing Constraints

Zenly | Designing for Delight

"Hey" Is The Most Opinionated Software I've Ever Used (And Why I Love It)

Why are these features in the Arc browser so FUN? (3/3)

"The Future of the Internet" with Josh Miller, CEO of The Browser Company (2/3)

Arc Browser | The Meta-OS Layer (1/3)

Lists are Data

How to Get Users to Come Back Again (and Again) | Product Habits (4/4)

How to use the E.A.D. framework to reduce churn | Product Habits (3/4)

BeReal. | The best social media app ever made?

How to Get Users to Fall in Love with Your Product | Product Habits (2/4)

How to Make Your Product Hard to Ignore | Product Habits (1/4)

The Underrated Power of the Product Rep

The Best Products Have Low Floors and High Ceilings