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I’m a product-focused founder sharing the lessons I’m learning from other world-class founders and product leaders.

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“Great weekly product frameworks written by Jacob! As a product manager myself, I have found it to be incredibly helpful and actionable.”

“Frameworks, reviews and all things nice - product strategies from the best in the biz.”

“Thoughtful, smart takes on creative, cool digital products.”

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Written for Founders & Product Leaders

As a founder and product leader, I've been obsessively studying the world’s best companies and taking notes on the various product frameworks, strategies and ideas that I’ve come across.

I decided to turn my notes into articles and publish them for other product-focused founders like me who are curious about that product “x factor.” But it’s not just head knowledge - there are tons of real-world examples from successful products to help illustrate the frameworks IRL.

The hope is to provide product leaders like you the practical frameworks to think about product in creative, impactful, and strategic ways.

“Fun, insightful deep-dives into the best products. Great lessons for product builders of all stripes!”

What to Expect

Every Tuesday we explore a new product framework or strategy from one of the best products on the planet, putting language around the gut feelings that so often drive the most innovative product decisions.

Every Friday I do a roundup of my top 5 product-related Tweets from the week. It’s a crowd favorite to send everyone into the weekend with a smile on their face :)

“It isn't superficial product advice such as ‘fail fast’. The content is clearly being written by someone who is passionate and knowledgeable.”

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